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Day Long Trips In Bangladesh
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    Sonargaon & Panam Nagar One Day Tour
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To come out of a hectic life and enjoy the soothing beauty of our country in a limited time, you can aim for day long trips in Bangladesh to freshen yourself from the tiring workload. As magnificent as this city of millions is, going day after day without even a vacation may be exhausting. With just a little away time from our megacity, the monotony of city life can be eased. Why not travel away for a quick ride out of the city this weekend rather than going out for the next pricey supper at one of the many cafes springing up around Dhaka?

If you're seeking another day of leisure and quality time with your families, Gazipur might be the best alternative. The alternatives are endless, with resorts and picnic sites springing up left and right. In this winter you can experience the machan cottage, exquisite 'Deshi' breakfast, and lunch on the agenda, and beautiful green pastures coated in the morning dew—a taste of just what living could be like outside of the town.

This historical marvel, Sonargaon is located around half a kilometer from the Dhaka-Chittagong highway, which is experiencing the effects of time, wind, and weather. The city, on the other hand, preserves a lovely window into the magnificence of the former, when daily activity thrived. This was a significant municipality in Bengal's historic legislative, commercial, and marine center. The main thoroughfare is lined with exquisite two- and three-story buildings that murmur tales of the traders and merchants that once thrived in this area. This town, which dates back to approximately the 13th century, saw many rulers and empires arrive and then go. The structures, on the other hand, stand as a testament to history.

The city of Srimangal is Bangladesh's tea capital. This hilly region is one of the most beautiful and pleasurable regions of the country, with tea estates, lemon orchards, pineapple, and rubber plantations. Tea estates blanket the undulating hills for kilometers, and it's the only place (apart from the Sundarbans) where you may gaze about and not see yet another human being. A few days spent visiting the local villages and forests, as well as touring the tea farms, will almost likely be among your most memorable experiences in Bangladesh.

Rangamati is a wonderful place to aim for on a day long trip in Bangladesh. Rangamati is 6116.13 square kilometers in size and is bordered on the north by Tripura and on the east by Mizoram. Rangamati is well-known among visitors for its breathtaking scenery, Kaptai Lake, The Hanging Bridge, the stunning scenery of mountains and water, presence of plants and animals, Native communities of Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Murong, Bom, Khumi, Kheyang, Chak, Pangkhowa, Lusai, Rakhain, and their culture and traditions. You will be able to experience an incredible view of Shorno Mondir from the lake while experiencing the beautiful beauty of Kapatai lake. When exploring the Mondir, please refrain from wearing sandals, shoes, or similar items. Shorno Mandir is close to a small Bazar/Market.

Moreover, you can visit Foy's Lake Amusement Park as your desired day long trip in Bangladesh. Foy's Lake Amusement Park is situated in Chittagong's Pahartaly district. It covers approximately 320 acres of land. This lake is a spectacular sight, surrounded by hills. In 1924, the Assam Bengal Railway Authority began construction on this lake. For that, it was named after Mr. Foy, a railway engineer. Concord has now remodeled this park, a well-known Bangladeshi group, to include modern amenities to entice visitors, and it is named after Foy's Lake Concorde (Amusement World). In this area, there is a tiny zoo. And the zoo has added to the beauty of the park.

You can also visit The national ethnological museum which is situated in Agrabad, Chittagong, Bangladesh and is the country's sole ethnological museum. It was intended to promote common agreement and peer-feeling among Bangladesh's various ethnic groups. The museum houses materials relating to Bangladesh's tribal people's history. Chittagong is home to one of the country's ethnological museums, one of only two on the Asian continent (the other being in Japan). It can also be utilized for research. As per museum statistics as of May 2015, the museum has 200-300 daily visitors, including local and international scholars.


What is a one day trip?

A one day trip refers to the journey you take for a single day where you return home the same day you had started your trip.

How do I plan a one-day trip?

You can plan a one-day trip by selecting a specific place and then aim for smooth transportation. Then start your journey towards the destination.

Where should I go for a short road trip?

You can visit a lot of beautiful places for day long trips in Bangladesh or short road trips that we have included